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With first hand experience of ARDS, we’re committed to helping others in need

Paula Blonski


My life, and the life of my entire family changed forever on August 8, 1998. That is the day we lost my sister, Marybeth to ARDS…

Dan Bisset


I was placed on ECMO and transferred to their main campus. I was given a 0-5% chance of survival…

Rick Bressler


I was hospitalized from March 24, 2021, to July 22, 2021; a total of 120 days…

Susan East


I never dreamed that I could get ARDS again but in 2014 and 2017 I had it. Having survived ARDS three times has made me a different person…

Crystal Lively

Vice President

I’m recovered now. I have scars I carry with me that will permanently serve as a reminder of what happened…

Alec Morley


I spent 25 days on ECMO and a ventilator, followed by a further 10 days just on the ventilator. The recovery was both mentally and physically draining…

Jasmine Patel


Jasmine firmly believes that patient voices must be heard and is dedicated to ensuring that they have a seat at the table when important healthcare decisions are being made….

Sumita Dixit

Founding Director
In Memoriam

Update: Our friend, and colleague, Sumita passed away October 14, 2022. She is greatly missed and her immense contributions were vast and unwavering…

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